A giant  hole near the front door

A giant hole near the front door

In my loft I can see that there has a crack in the door.

In fact there is a pretty big one.

When the front door is closed I can entirely see outside. There is a hole between the door plus the wall. This hole between door in the wall is fairly large. I can see right outside through this hole. I wonder why our loft is always so cold. This is entirely why the loft is always so cold, but because any heat we are putting into the loft is just going right out the front door. I don’t even know if there is anything I can do about this. It is just an loft building. It is not like it is my condo where I can take care of it myself. I am not even sure that the proprietor will take care of it. So for right now we are having to put a towel right in front of the door so that the moderate air doesn’t get out. My pal and I do not pay for the heating in our loft thankfully. So we are not having to pay more on our energy bills thankfully. However if you have this complication at loft you might want to get it checked out. You might want to get a sealant to spray on any cracks around windows or doors. It would be a shame if you were paying so much for heat plus just letting it out your front door; Do not let this happen to you; Keep in all the heat you possibly can.

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